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What happened to the America that I grew up in? An America that welcomed immigrants and embraced those looking for a better life in the greatest country on Earth. An America where people were considered innocent until proven guilty. An America where the news media reported the facts and the news to inform not indoctrinate. An America where institutions and science were respected. An America where people fought and protected their neighbors. An America where once people voted the election was over.

As I sit here today, I am embarrassed at how we turned away from our founders and the teachings of Christ; by turning our backs and putting into cages those who come to America looking for a better life. I am appalled that we protest and riot shouting no justice, no peace while we are convicting people who have yet to be tried. While some in the media print story after story of racial injustice and white privilege, while others print story after story of election fraud and Russian hoaxes. Both anchored in manipulated facts, half-truths, and meant to influence and indoctrinate — not merely inform. I am saddened that in today’s America thousands of citizens refuse to simply wear a mask in the hopes of protecting their fellow citizens. Where elected “leaders” ignore science, degrade institutions, and worked feverishly to overturn the votes and will of the people in a presidential election — all meant to whip up and inspire their followers in the hopes of extending their power. Many of whom kept up the fight even after the supporters they incited attacked the Capitol chanting “hang Mike Pence." 

I am in mourning for what I fear is slowly becoming the loss of the greatest nation on Earth. America is better than this!

Gary Shelton 

Prior Lake