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The events of this past week have caused five people to lose their lives, leave our country with a major black eye, and completely undermined the process of governance that has existed for almost 250 years. The reaction has left people with shock and anger with knee jerk reactions across the political spectrum.

The events of storming the U.S. Capitol left me remembering a quote from one of our greatest presidents Abraham Lincoln who stated “A House divided against itself cannot stand." He oversaw a period where the country tore itself apart. These riots that happened should not have. I feel a chain reaction occurred that caused all sides to overreact and it was costly. President Trump with his inflammatory rhetoric and refusal to concede gave a group of galvanized people who believe in resurrection and conspiracy theories to take actions into their own hands. I blame the president for not being a statesman and not realizing when it is the best time to put the interests of the country ahead of an election.

There is a time to fight, then there is a time to step aside and respect the process of our republic. The rioters took actions into their own hands and as a result, five people died and many more injured. The reaction on the other side from some congressional leaders and media did not help by bringing up impeachment, removal from office, and banning the president’s social media accounts. The reality from their side is the removal of the president does not happen two weeks before the office anyway. The reality from the rioters' side is they did not achieve what they thought they were going to accomplish through this. Was this worth it? I feel if we are going to keep a peaceful transition of power in the future and have this not become the precedent, then I believe its time for both sides need to grow up and move on.

Josh D. Ondich

Prior Lake