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In my opinion it is unfortunate that the Honorable Mayor Tanya Velishek (human resources professional) did not address her alleged issue when it first started. 

It is rather amazing when you have a city administrator, a prominent business owner, and a professional human resources person (members of the Jordan City personnel committee) who are unable to resolve an alleged conflict without dragging the entire Jordan community into it.

On Jan. 7, 2019 Mayor Velishek made the motion to approve all council committee appointments. Jeremy Goebel seconded the motion with 100% approval vote from council members. Where was her concern then, when she voted in favor of Jeff Will being on the personnel committee? This was after some of the alleged issues of 2015 and 2018 had taken place.

I also find it ironic that these alleged complaints surfaced at a time when the parties involved were having strong disagreements over city issues. This whole thing is very sad and mind boggling. Disclaimer: I am not agreeing or disagreeing with any of the parties involved. I am simply disagreeing with the process. 

My quote: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Abraham Lincoln

Margaret Fink 



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