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I'm concerned that the focus of the Jordan School District is skewed toward continuing the athletics program, when the education of the children receive through distance learning is failing them. At the school board meeting on Nov. 12, Jordan Public Schools administrators announced that, due to a spike in countywide and citywide COVID-19 case numbers, all grades will transition to distance learning by Nov. 23. This was followed by an announcement that fall athletics and activities will finish their current seasons. Why is attending school riskier than children coming into close physical contact during sports, ie football, basketball, and volleyball?

Nation-wide, students are falling behind academically. In St. Paul, students are struggling so much that they are failing two in five classes. I'm concerned for the continuing education of the children enrolled in the Jordan school district. What is being done to ensure the children of our community get a good education and have a future?

The Minnesota Safe Learning Plan specifies that extracurricular activities are discontinued under the distance learning-only model. If the Jordan Public School administrators have moved all schools to distance learning only, why are fall athletics still occurring in the Jordan school district?

Nanette Brandtner