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Climate change is an urgent issue with local and global impacts. In Minnesota, our cars and trucks account for the largest source of harmful emissions. To move forward on addressing climate change via our transportation sector, Governor Walz and the Office of Administrative Hearings gave Clean Cars Minnesota the green light in early May. This confirmed what we’ve known all along: Car standards are necessary, reasonable, and within the administration's statutory authority.

I’ve owned an electric vehicle for nine years and our family has driven 250,000 miles on electricity alone, (the cleanest form of energy). Over those miles we've enjoyed dozens of advantages only electric vehicles offer, including saving over $26,000 in fuel costs. It still feels like EV's are America's best-kept secret. Clean Cars Minnesota is all about encouraging automotive manufacturers to offer the EV's that already exist, to Minnesotans.

Instead of encouraging manufacturers to offer more of these amazing cars, some state Senators are threatening to block the passage of this legislation by forcing state parks to close in July and holding up funds for environmental protection, regardless of the two-year delay already built into the legislation. Please join me in addressing climate change and protecting our air, water, and ecosystems. Call or write your senators to encourage their support of the Clean Cars Minnesota rule.

Gary Schettl