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The recent guest column by Isaac Orr seemed a little odd to me. So I did a little digging into his background and his employer, Center of The American Experiment. They present themselves as a think tank but it sure looks more like they are just paid lobbyists for conservative causes. Essentially propagandists.

Reading some of Mr. Orr's other writings online I have to wonder how he can claim to be an expert in the energy field when he comes to wildly different conclusions than pretty much any other energy reporting I've seen recently. He actually claims that coal is the cheapest way to generate electricity. Other sources say wind and solar are now cheaper than keeping existing coal plants running. And utilities across the country are closing dirty coal plants early to save money. Something doesn't smell right here.

It wouldn't be acceptable for someone from the tobacco industry to advise that we all should smoke more. So why is it OK for Mr. Orr to tell us to burn more gas. Both are bad for our health in the long run.

By all means Minnesotans should do whatever they need to stay warm. And gas is a necessary part of our energy mix at this time. But we know we need to be moving away from fossil fuels. Not towards them.

So no thanks Mr. Orr. I heat my house with electricity and I will continue to do so. It's economical and as we add more renewable energy to the grid it gets cleaner and cheaper.

Charlie Hautman 



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