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As a five-year Jordan resident I cannot understand why Mr. Thom Boncher, former city council person, is continually on his soap box spreading misinformation to our fine citizens. Every week I see his columns and cannot help but wonder if he just does not have any better activities to do than attend city meetings and pronounce the sky is falling?

I avidly watch what is occurring in city government. I stream our council meetings online either live or after the fact. I applaud our elected leaders including Mr. Robert Whipps and Ms. Amanda Schuh for looking out for me and my neighbors when it comes to fiscal responsibility and good government. Every interaction I have had with city staff has been terrific.

Mr. Boncher, why would you not want an ambulance in town? I have seen how long it has taken an ambulance to get to town and when you are in the emergency, that is an abysmal amount of time to wait. Having a well-staffed emergency response ambulance in this town is a top priority and has been a deciding factor for me and my family staying here rather than moving.

Mr. Boncher, you are an enigma. You criticized the city’s visioning survey being conducted in-house and biased. Yet, in the same breath, you want the city to collect data in-house to present to the council related to wages and benefits from the League of Minnesota Cities and our neighbors. Also, why would you not want our fine employees paid fairly, have equitable compensation across the board with comparable cities? Looking back through minutes it appears we have lost a lot of city planners in recent years. Those greener pastures are leaving Jordan stagnant and our downtown less vibrant.

If you want to be that involved in government and steer the ship, run for office again and hear what the people have to say about your regular commentary. I bet you won’t.

Because you do, I too, will end with a quote: "Cocky-locky will crow whether you want him to or not, and so he had just time for one 'Cock-a-doo-dle-doo' over Foxy-woxy's shoulders. Now when Henny-penny heard Cocky-locky crow, she said to herself: 'My goodness! it must be dawn. Time for me to lay my egg.' So she turned around and bustled off to her nest; and never told the King the sky was falling!"

Travis Hair 



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