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Residents please take note there are over 200 newly mapped properties in Jordan that have been added to the Jordan Flood Zone. As an insurance agent that has sold flood insurance in Jordan for many years, please citizens take and do participate in the program that the city has offered.

The program will be funded and divided by the number of participants that take advantage of the program. Not participating will mean you are stuck in a flood plain, and if you have or need a loan you will be forced to purchase flood insurance. Believe me that it is very expensive, and if you can try to avoid that option, you will be much happier. Someday when you would want to sell your property, anyone looking at purchasing would be faced with having to buy the flood insurance.

Over the years I have seen many purchases fall through in Jordan, because of this extra cost of flood insurance. Do respond to the letters that were sent out from the city.

Sharon Velishek