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If I was considering boarding my horse at a stable, I'd want to find out everything I could about how it was being run. If there was a report that had been written about it, I'd want to know what it said. I wouldn't be content with a four-page summary written by a person hired by the stable owner, if a 400-page report existed. I'd need to see this report before I put my horse in the care of that barn.

And if this stable owner happened to have lots of other businesses that served his own personal gain, I probably wouldn't mind, unless that guy was my president, in which case, I'd want to know if he was using his office for personal benefit. And I'd be terribly interested to know how decisions about my country, my environment and my climate were being influenced by this man's own pocketbook interests.

I'd want to know what was really going on before I entrusted my horse to this stable and my country to a man who had full reports and tax returns he wanted to shield from my view. I'd want to pull back the curtain and see what that man from Oz was doing before I could really trust him with what I hold dear.


Peggy Jo Dunnette

Sand Creek Township

South regional editor

Deena is the regional editor for Shakopee, Jordan, Prior Lake and Savage and is passionate about uncovering the truth. Deena also enjoys gardening, playing tennis and up-cycling furniture.


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