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On Thursday evening, Aug. 8, after a week in California (the land of liberal failures), I returned and picked up the Jordan Independent. It is fun to get some local news, updates on the community and the county. I was drawn to the editorial section and read the column offered by Peggy Jo Dunnette.

All I could think as I read it was “really?” Do we really need more coverage and commentary of the national political scene? Don’t we have enough of Peggy Jo’s views articulated on nearly every news outlet? Couldn’t the Independent find someone to write about anything else?

Peggy takes the radical move of having a Democratic bumper sticker on her car and disapproves of our president. Way to go out on a limb in Minnesota. You are a real radical. Keep in mind, Minnesota was the only blue state in the 1984 presidential election and has gone blue for what feels like 100 years. Peggy’s further take that we should all “pull blue” regardless of the candidate is documented proof of the disease that much of Minnesota has suffered. It has contributed to the election of great statesmen like Ilhan Omar.

While I wish our president would be more “presidential," I am glad that the substance is greater than the rhetoric. The vastly improved economy (for all), the proper attitude of America first and a focus on the glaring issues at our southern border are more closely aligned with our core values than what many of the “blue” candidates offer. Pull blue if you are for socialism, open borders and a collapsing economy (i.e. our new normal offered by the last occupant of the White House). “Blue” offers a continued disregard for life, expanded reliance on government and moving us closer Venezuela.

I challenge the Independent to move back to more local politics. We have sufficient coverage of the national scene and I’m not sure Peggy Jo offered a lot to the readers of the Independent.

Todd Oehlerking



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