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I never thought I would be in a position to say this but, I agree with Tom Boncher! I am tired of other people putting me in the position of apologizing for being a white, male, Christian heterosexual.

I am tired of your recent guest columnists, Amanda Schuh and Adnan Ahmed, unilaterally deciding how I think, and how I should react. Schuh states that athletes that choose to protest during our national anthem are not protesting the anthem or our veterans.

If that is really the case, then don’t protest during our national anthem. I spent some military time half a century ago attempting to guarantee our citizens their First Amendment right of free speech, and that freedom also gives me the right to be thoroughly disgusted when I view anthem protests and flag burnings. I also don’t appreciate being lectured by Shuh on how she thinks I should react when I witness this garbage.

Annan Ahmed states that he changed his location of work because he saw Trump-Pence signs and bumper stickers on his way to work in the rural areas of Minnesota, and yet he still lives in Prior Lake? Is Mr. Adnan expecting us to believe that there were no Trump-Spence signs or bumper stickers in Prior Lake?

I call BULL! Mr. Adnan also states that Covington Catholic High School students were filmed mocking a Native American elder, which was proven to be a false accusation weeks ago. There is a possibility that Mr Ahmed wrote his guest column before these students were exonerated, however, for the JI to print that false accusation at this late date without even a corrective note accompanying the column, is at a minimum, irresponsible journalism. This puts the JI in a class with the media jackals that edited the video of these students to make them look guilty in the first place… SHAME ON YOU!

I would like to add my personal thanks to Mike Franklin for writing a well done rebuttal on behalf of the residents that are and have many reasons to be proud of the community of Jordan.

Forrest Lovley



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