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As we near election time, we are going to see more and more pros and cons for people running. Unfortunately, mud slinging is the norm for many candidates, or people and groups that support one or the other.

I'm not writing this to show my support for one candidate or party. I'm just asking that you do your individual research to find out about each candidate. Does your desired candidate fall in-line with your goals and desires for this community, state and country? Are they represented with bias by the news outlets? Are you going to vote for someone because your family or friends are vocal on who they are going to vote for? Are you going to vote for someone because a celebrity endorses or badmouths one? Are you going to vote for someone because you've seen more yard signs or bumper stickers for them? Are you going to vote for someone because they had a good zinger at a debate? Question yourself why you would vote for someone.

I ask that everyone does their own research on candidates. Find out if what is said about them is true. I know that can be difficult with all the conflicting stories we see. The only real freedom we have is making up our own mind. Come November, and you select your candidates on the ballot, be proud that you made that decision, and someone else didn't make it for you.

Jason Ehlers



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