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It’s Thursday, Sept. 3. I am very fortunate to work for a healthy company and can do so from home. I strolled to the curb to grab the JI so I could catch up on local news over lunch.

When I pulled the paper from the mailbox, it was strangely light. I checked the back page number to see if any pages had fallen out. No. There were 12 pages. OK.

I made my sandwich and sat down.

The cover story was about flooding. That’s odd. Did they bury the lead?

I jumped ahead a few pages to catch up on our Brewers, seeking to repeat as State "Class C" Champions. I heard they won their game last weekend, but I enjoy the journalist’s perspective and seeing an action shot. Like many, I kept away from the ballpark due to the pandemic, but I still root for them in spirit. How does the tournament bracket look? Hmm. There was no mention of the Brewers, but there was a full-page article on the Shakopee stadium and the "Class B" tournament.

OK. Let me see what they wrote about other sports — anything about our over-35 teams or tournament? Are they still playing? I understand our boys’ high school soccer team notched a win, and that was cause for celebration after a tough 2019 campaign. Nothing.

Let’s see about back-to-school news. Who are our new teachers? How about adapting for the pandemic? Nothing.

There was nothing about our local mayoral race.

Maybe guest columnist Thom Boncher earned a well-deserved week off. Though some may find his commentary controversial, he often challenges our thinking.

There were four obituaries. God rest their souls. None were from Jordan.

OK. Let’s take a look at the “Looking Back” section. I reviewed the history on page 7 and found interesting stories — and more than a couple typos. Surname “hentges” merits capitalization. Our team is not spelled “The Brwers.” They hit seven “homr runs” against Delano? That’s downright sloppy.

Surprisingly, page 12 featured another entire page of “Looking Back.” Did you think we wouldn’t notice? That’s too much of a good thing – and yes, more typos.

As the Editor, you have a responsibility to the City of Jordan, your subscribers, and our community to report accurate, relevant news. Your livelihood depends on it. Our community depends on it. You record our history.

Readers are not fooled by inclusion of other towns’ content. We know you have a small staff and publish the same articles in multiple papers. Unfortunately, you crossed the line and made the “I” in “JI” stand for “irrelevant.” We can’t pull you back across that line. You have to take that step.

Though I have lived in Jordan for all but two of my 52 years, this might be my first letter to the editor. Today I felt it necessary to speak up before the paper goes away. My two-year subscription ends in September of 2020.

Thomas Colling 



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