Letter to the editor (notebook)

This is to "thank and recognize" the Good Samaritan from Carver who came to my rescue on Friday, July 12 at 4:45 in the afternoon traffic on the Carver road. I was returning home to Jordan after a chiropractic treatment and heard an unusual car noise. I stopped at the bottom of the hill and found I had a flat tire and realized I had left my cell phone at home and walking a long distance was not going to be possible. As I got back in the car, I saw a pickup truck coming in the other lane and it was making a U-turn and parking behind my car. 

The man stated that he could help me, but needed to call his daughter first. It was then that I noticed a toddler in the car seat in the back seat of the truck. His daughter came quickly and took the child while he proceeded to assist me and assure me I could make it home safely. He refused to take any money for his services and said, "This is what I am supposed to do!" 

On Sunday at Mass, the Gospel from Luke was on the Good Samaritan and sharing "neighborly love!" This man was filled with compassion at the sight and treated me with mercy! I will forever be grateful for his kindness. This random act of kindness is what our world needs as we help to take care of each other on our life's journey. 

Mary J Klehr



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