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I enjoyed the front page article on the new location of the Jordan Food Shelf. Readers like myself like local articles about Jordan and our community. 

Jordan had the Heimatfest Celebration Friday evening starting with the car cruise and into all day Saturday including a parade and other events around town and lots of activities at Lagoon Park and ending there with live music and fireworks. The publication distributed the week of Sept. 2 had an article but nothing about locations and times for the numerous events. An article on who the Miss Jordan candidates were with a farewell message from the outgoing royalty along with the pageant event schedule would have been good too since there were changes from past years. 

What the Jordan Independent has was the Minnetrista Barbecue, Nordic Music Fest in Victoria, Eden Prairie plays, Renaissance Festival and foods tried at the Minnesota State Fair. Not exactly "local events." School has started and the coverage for all the fall activities is minimal and missing locations and times. 

There is always a lot going on in our constantly growing community. Please take the time to do a little research or just ask around — us Jordanites would be happy to lead you to some great stories. 

Dianne Jabs 



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