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Coronavirus is expanding quickly and we now have a national emergency. This is serious because of its evolving and dynamic nature. With the enormous scope of the problem, a lot of questions and not much answer, it is easy to get confused, demoralized, frozen with fear and transfixed into inaction.

However, I think we all can do a lot about this. We make up our community, state and country, so We all have a job to do. Why? Because how each and every one of us reacts and contributes to the solution will determine how we emerge from this.

Some thoughts as I ponder about what I can do in my realm of responsibility:

  • I have put "social distancing" into practice. The virus can spread asymptomatic, so I have to assume that everyone is a potential carrier, including me. We need to flatten the infection curve and give our health facilities some breathing room to deal with the most needy patients. That is the caring thing to do for everyone.
  • The virus is more problematic for older people and folks with underlying medical conditions. Younger people also have the responsibility to try to stay virus-free and not bring it home to their loved ones. My kids thus are also practicing social distancing amongst their friends.
  • We all have an obligation and a responsibility to take care of each other. Kindness, decency, empathy, social responsibility, etc all come into play. Just a phone call or a note of support to a neighbor goes a long way towards calming fears. Everyone needs to know that they are not alone.
  • I was impressed with the much more focused response from Gov. Walz last Monday. I also have confidence in our city officials to help and guide us through this crisis.
  • The constant phone tweets and notifications sound political, not factual, and increases anxiety. I have thus turned off all the phone notifications; I check only the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website and official announcements from Minnesota
  • Local CAP agencies, food shelfs, blood banks, etc are all hurting for resources. We all can help.
  • It is time for all of us to think in terms of "us" and not just "me." The first two letters of our country (USA) says "US" and the full name of our country starts with "United." If we all pitch in and help each other, history has shown how strong we can be against any adversary. And yes, that also includes viruses.

It is time to come together as a community. I firmly believe that if we bond and help each other, we will emerge more connected and stronger as a nation.

Just to remind me every day what is at stake and what this means to me, my family, and my community, I am going to fly Old Glory every day in my home until the virus is defeated.

I invite you to do the same.

Sheriff Ahmed



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