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In light of the tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers it demonstrates that we have a policing problem.

We have officers in police departments across the country that do not show reasonable restraint when it comes to citizens they perceive that are belligerent or resisting arrest. I am writing to try to get to the core of the problem which is the conduct of police departments. I do not believe we have a race problem in this country, but a police problem. Police department policies affect citizens, not just some members of the community or others. I firmly believe changes to policing need to be changed and those changes will need support across all racial and political divides. It will require action at all levels of government from local, state, and federal. I am hoping coming out of these protests and rioting we can constructive changes, not just more us vs them mentality like we have had for years after other incidents of police violence and/or killings. I like anyone else who does not have all of the right proposals to fix the problems with law enforcement, but we need to start with some ideas like chokehold bans, stricter oversight from independent or citizen boards, etc. I believe like all changes the ideas to fix law enforcement will take time to happen across the country. We need a constructive long-term commitment to make changes to law enforcement in order for us to prevent another George Floyd situation. I believe “All Lives Matter” and we need to come together as Americans to make these reforms work.

Josh D. Ondich

Prior Lake


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