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We have the best local library. I believe the previous statement is true for a variety of reasons. First, since the moment I moved into town the staff have welcomed me and my growing family. They also did an excellent job sending out summer literacy packets to encourage families to still read, celebrating that freedom during a stressful time. In these literacy packets, they included a variety of fun activities to engage readers of all ages and stages. As a mom, I really appreciate their investment in future readers. The third reason I believe our librarians and workers are amazing is because they have worked extra hard to come up with plans that support our government while still allowing us to check out books. Since the beginning of the pandemic they have been seeking creative ways to fulfill their mission. In my own life, I have seen how much time it takes to make plans and then adapt them constantly so I appreciate their efforts even more. I once asked them what I can do to show support and they said there is little except to spread the word of how I feel.

So Jordan people, Karolyn Boston has spoken.  I have always been grateful; but continue to be more so as I receive excellent help, kind consideration, and oodles of free fantastic information all just blocks from my home. Thank you Jordan Public Library!

Karolyn Boston