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The events of the presidential election during the past weeks with legal challenges, recounts and ongoing absentee ballots being accepted after Election Day in multiple states.

Can anyone believe on either side that this is a legitimate presidential election? Some people like the media would try to convince you of that, but other people like myself feel this election was not a clean election regardless of the outcome and many legal battles ahead. I remember the 2000 presidential election only being one state, not possibly four or five states. This is the only presidential election in modern times that has really tested the election process of our Republic since 1824 and 1876. The outcome is proposing many questions like the legitimacy of absentee ballots being accepted that were postmarked on Election Day and after Election Day, the denial of poll watchers in several states by their election officials and other irregularities in the process its self. This will only result in a further divided nation and questions to whether who wins this presidential race is a legitimate president by one side or the other.

I have a feeling this presidential election will go down in history as a national embarrassment or a sham and we may never know who really won the presidential election.

Josh Ondich 

Prior Lake