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Is it ethical for a retiring public administrator to try to influence an election by endorsing his appointee while smearing a legitimate opponent? It’s sad that morals, integrity and ethics no longer seem to matter. But do we really want to live in a society without them?

The International City/County Management Council (ICMA) Code of Ethics states: “… in order not to impair their effectiveness on behalf of the local governments they serve, they shall not participate in political activities to support the candidacy of individuals running for any city, county, … federal offices. Specifically, they shall not endorse candidates…”

County Administrator Gary Shelton has submitted two letters spinning the facts about Jason Arras, who has been running a very clean campaign for Scott County sheriff. The fact that Shakopee Police Officer Joe Theis decided to enter the race with his main issue being the dispatch system should raise some questions. Apparently that’s unimportant. The old system and cronyism must be protected at all cost.

I guess Mr. Shelton’s main objective is to keep his appointee in office rather than take a chance on county residents deciding otherwise. Morals, integrity and ethics notwithstanding, Mr. Shelton fights hard to ensure that his unelected appointee prevails. I urge all voters to think for themselves and vote for a candidate of their choice.

I will be voting for Jason Arras for Scott County sheriff. Since the county establishment is fighting so hard to keep him out, he must be doing something right.

Alexandra Matyja

Prior Lake


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