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“We are placing our trust in you.”

That is the phrase you hear from citizens most often in your role as a county sheriff.

This November we will once again be electing our county sheriff, and will be hoping for a record turnout like we had for the primary race in August.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, Sheriff Luke Hennen has done exactly that, he has earned the public’s trust in the job that he has done. Every taxpayer in the county wants to keep their taxes low and manageable. Sheriff Hennen has done that while staying within his $15.9 million budget for the last two years, all while managing a team of 170-plus employees.

This is valuable experience that only Sheriff Hennen has in this sheriff’s race. The other candidate works with a budget of around $400,000 and manages eight employees.

It’s important to know the experience of both candidates. Sheriff Hennen is the only candidate that has assisted with generating $1.9 million in bond funding for our local mental health facility, this complex when completed will give our people with mental health issues a safe place to go for care, rather than a our county jail.

Sheriff Hennen is the only candidate that has experience in working with a county jail, a 911 dispatch center, civil processing and court security.

Sheriff Hennen is the only candidate that has spent the last 20 plus years dedicating himself to the residents at the Scott County Sheriff’s Office, he has progressively worked his way up through promotions and hard work, earning the respect from internal and external members of our law enforcement community.

A good sheriff should be a crime fighter, youth worker, guidance counselor, psychologist, bodyguard, medic, civic ambassador, family arbitrator, legal authority, mentor, and a business person. Sheriff Hennen fits the description and that is why we encourage you to vote to keep Sheriff Hennen on Nov. 6.

Bob Moody, retired Scott County sheriff (1971-1978)

Bill Nevin, reitred Scott County sheriff (1987-2002)

Kevin Studnicka, retired Scott County sheriff (2007-2016)

Roger Graham, retired Sibley County sheriff (1975-1999}


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