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If there is one issue that will affect every U.S. citizen at some point in their lives, it’s health care. Regardless of political leanings, everyone will suffer from what some providers consider a pre-existing condition at some point in their lives. The impacts of this will be felt more than ever in the coming decades as unhindered health care costs continue to rise and more demand is placed on the system as the baby-boomer generation ages.

My family has called Scott County, Minnesota home since 2008 and we currently reside in Spring Lake Township. My wife has lived here her entire life. We count ourselves lucky to live here in particular as we have excellent county services and medical facilities nearby to help us with our 4-year-old daughter who was born with very complex medical needs.

We both work full-time and have private health insurance, yet there is no way we could both continue our careers while ensuring our daughter would thrive and live up to her full potential without added support. We are among the fortunate ones not only because of where we live, but because we happen to have the means to help her in all of the ways she requires. Others we have encountered throughout our journey are not always able to say the same and many are struggling day to day in just about every way a family can struggle, whether it’s financially, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Our saving grace is that our daughter teaches us and our 6-year-old son daily to appreciate what other families without someone directly under their medical care may take for granted. Many leave their careers or alter their professional goals to be with a family member as they have no other choice or options for care. Many more couples divorce or are living on the edge under constant stress of of keeping their families together with a lack of basic resources such as food, sleep, or medications. These families need our support to help them and those that they care for live their lives with dignity.

The USA is the wealthiest nation in the world and yet still cannot agree that it benefits all when all have access to even basic health care. Some progress has been made but it has been under constant attack, unbelievably even during a global pandemic. Whether it be physical or mental health, our family has experienced enough to know that we simply cannot afford not to support candidates who want to build towards a healthcare system which does not exclude anyone based on their income, severity, or that does not offer protections against discrimination or preexisting conditions. Therefore, we plan to vote Andrea Nelsen, MD, to be our state representative for Prior Lake and Jordan, and again for Angie Craig for the 2nd District. The value of life should not end at birth, and nobody should be left without the care they need to thrive and survive in our society.

Andrew J. Lindell

Prior Lake 


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