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I will be voting “yes” on all three questions on Nov. 5. I encourage everyone in the district to do the same. I am so proud of Jordan Schools; our great kids, our wonderful teachers, and all of the staff that makes Jordan Schools great.

I am voting “yes” for question one because operating money is critical to continue to have low class sizes in the elementary, as well as expanding the STEAM programming and the Summit Real World Academy.

I am voting “yes” for question two because the size and function of our current elementary school has served us well, but it is time to renovate. A yes vote gives our early learning programs the room they need to grow. In addition, the expansion onto our South Campus is an exciting opportunity to help alleviate the amount of traffic in and around the current campus.

I am voting “yes” for question three because it is important to invest in all aspects of this community’s education. The updates to the auditorium and an addition of a multipurpose field house are upgrades for the school as well as the community.

The school system in Jordan is a community asset that benefits everyone no matter if you have children enrolled, graduated, or never attended. Our schools give our community an increased sense of pride, community identification, and a place where new families will move because our great schools are ready to welcome their children.

Join me in voting “YES, YES, YES” on Nov. 5. 

Jeff Peters



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