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I first met Mike Franklin seven years ago when he was working on a marketing strategy for a local business.

I was first impressed with his knowledge of business and finances. He was also a very good listener and cared about each person’s opinions and concerns. Since then I’ve crossed paths on many occasions with Mike at fundraisers, rallies, and community events. As a sitting City Councilor in Prior Lake I know the thought, resource, and work that goes into some of the difficult decisions one has to make. I take it very seriously and I know Mike will too. I often called Mike for advice and to run things by him to reassure myself I was on the right track. Mike Franklin understands local positions are about the local residents and businesses, not about popularity, power or any certain agenda. He loves Jordan as his home and has great ideas to move the community forward. Mike understands to make the right decisions for Jordan you have to listen to the people and businesses, live within an affordable budget, provide needed services, and work with the other elected officials on the board. He is professional, intelligent, compassionate, and has a high level of integrity. He will provide the transparency we are all looking for while making smart choices for commercial and residential growth. I can confidently recommend Mike Franklin for mayor of Jordan.

Annette Thompson

Prior Lake City Council member


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