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I am pleased to write this letter of endorsement for Jason Arras’s candidacy for sheriff in Scott County.

Jason Arras’s reputation is stellar. He is a solid leader and well respected within the law enforcement community. I first met Jason when we attended the FBI National Leadership Academy class 255 together in 2014.

Immediately upon meeting him I realized this is a man who is passionate about life, his family and his community. As I grew to know him better over the next 10 weeks, I also realized that he is a man of solid character, integrity, and good judgement.

He is a natural leader with a very approachable demeanor. All traits that must be in an elected sheriff who serves the people. As a sheriff, I actually thought to myself, this guy needs to run for sheriff someday!

I believe all the talents listed above make him an excellent candidate for election as the next sheriff of Scott County. He would bring with him his experience, his dedication and commitment to serve the community and most of all he would be relentless in holding the Scott County Sheriff’s Office to the highest standards of ethics and accountability to the people of Scott County.

I am very excited by the possibility of his selection. I believe he is the right candidate for the job.

As an elected representative of the people, I put my service to the people first in my life. We live in trying times and in a world that is constantly changing and giving us new challenges. The people we serve deserve the best we can give them.

By electing Jason Arras as the next sheriff of Scott County you would be electing the best.

Paul D. Laney

Fargo, N.D.

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