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A 23-year-old Burnsville man, Jason Alan Mielke, was charged with domestic assault by strangulation after he allegedly assaulted a woman in a residence at Valley Green Park on Nov. 8.

Mielke has a prior domestic assault conviction in Dakota County from 2017.

According to the complaint:

The woman told police Mielke was angry over her desire to leave the house and took her cellphone and keys to prevent her from leaving. She tried to push Mielke out of the bedroom doorway and then he slammed her hand inside the door.

During the altercation, she said, Mielke grabbed her by the face, covering her face and nose, and was squeezed until she could not breathe. The woman told police she tried to scream but Mielke tightened his hand. After the altercationa she told police she ran out the door while Mielke was trying to look through her cellphone.

A neighbor heard the woman screaming and ran outside to help. The complaint said Mielke yelled at the neighbor and pulled on the victim’s arm while the neighbor tried to free her. Mielke eventually returned to the residence and the neighbor dialed 911.

According to court documents, Mielke return to the residence while the victim was giving her statement to police. When Mielke entered, a Jordan police officer unholstered their firearm and told Mielke to get on the floor. The criminal complaint said Mielke refused to comply and looked at the officer with a “thousand yard stare” and said, “Or what?” before running out of the house. Mielke was tasered as he fled the house and physically resisted arrest, according to the complaint.

Mielke is charged with obstruction of the domestic assault by strangulation, domestic assault within 10 years of a previous conviction and obstruction of the legal process. If convicted of all charges, Mielke faces up to $11,000 in fines and up to three years in prison and two years in jail.


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