Jordan food shelf interior

The inside of the new Jordan Area Food Shelf before it was burglarized on Sept. 28.

Two 8-year-old children broke into the Jordan Area Food Shelf on Sept. 28, vandalizing and stealing items from the building, according to a Jordan Police Department burglary report.

Volunteer Sally Schultz arrived at the food shelf Monday, Sept. 30 to prepare for a delivery when she noticed cereal spilled on the floor. As Schultz walked through the building she found other items on the floor and a chair placed under a shattered window on the south wall, the police report said.

A food cart, along with boxes and wrappers, were strewn about the backyard and a chair was found on the roof. Juice boxes and condiment containers were dumped in the backyard as well, while an obscene message was written on the chalkboard inside the building.

The loss of food was estimated to be $50, while estimates to replace the window, including labor, is priced around $200, totaling $250 in theft and damages.

Police located a sweatshirt in the backyard and showed it to neighboring children, who identified a possible owner. Police followed up by visiting the suspect’s residence, where an adult immediately identified the sweatshirt as belonging to an 8-year-old resident.

Police spoke to the 8-year-old, who admitted to breaking the food shelf window on Sept. 28 and taking food items to the backyard. The 8-year-old identified another child who entered the food shelf with them but did not steal anything. Police later spoke to the second child, who admitted such.

The first suspect told police they “didn’t know why (they) did it.”

No charges were filed due to the suspects’ ages, but police suggested the first suspect apologize and volunteer time at the food shelf to make up for the losses. The suspect’s parent was given contact information for the food shelf.

The building, located at 312 Water Street, was recently occupied by the nonprofit organization, which offers free food to local families and residents in need.v


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