Scott County Sheriff Luke Hennen announced the promotion of 911 dispatcher Ashlee Sames to the rank of dispatch supervisor this week.

Sames started her public safety career as a dispatcher for the sheriff’s office in 2007. She has worked a number of assignments over the years including communications training officer, crisis negotiator and supervisor. She also worked at Ramsey County for four years before returning to the sheriff’s office in March 2020.

“We’re excited to have Ashlee back in our office and in a supervisory role,” said Sheriff Hennen. “She has consistently gone above and beyond to make a difference within our community and has a significant impact on those she helps.”

The 911 Dispatch Center is located at the Law Enforcement Center in Shakopee and serves over 152,000 residents of Scott County. There are currently 17 full-time dispatchers and 3 full-time supervisors who take an average of 250,000 calls a year.

The sheriff’s office is currently looking for 911 dispatchers. Apply now by visiting