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Theft from Prior Lake priest pants

According to Prior Lake police, an unidentified person stole a cell phone from a priest's pants, then later returned it to those pants.

The theft was reported on June 5 at an unnamed church in town. Using GPS tracking to locate the item, police visited an address in Prior Lake to ask the residents if they knew about the incident. GPS tracking is not enough evidence to acquire a warrant, police said.

After the police visit, the thief allegedly sneaked the phone back into the priest's pants pocket. The priest was not wearing the pants during either occurrence, as they are apparently only used for work.

Nude man dons wig and stuffed bra on beach

The Prior Lake Police Department responded to a report of a nude man on Sand Point Beach June 12 at 12:57 p.m. but were surprised to find deception, unintentional or otherwise.

The man in question was wearing tan shorts that matched the color of his skin. Police said he was also wearing a wig and a stuffed bra. He told officers he never removed his shorts. The man was not cited, as he'd done nothing wrong.

According to Prior Lake Police Cmdr. Brad Cragoe, a previous obscenity report several years ago involved a man intentionally fooling bystanders into believing he was nude by using the same method. A woman made the report after seeing the man in his car. It's unclear if the two cases are related.

Drive-thru only Caribou Coffee coming to Burnsville

A miniature Caribou Coffee shop is expected to open in Burnsville next year. The new concept, drive-thru only design is also coming to Jordan, and may soon sweep the Twin Cities if all goes according to plan.

Caribou Coffee

Renderings of the planned drive-thru only Caribou Coffee in Burnsville.

Burnsville city officials voted to sell off city-owned land at County Road 42 and Newton Avenue for the project earlier this month.

The new, elongated concept offers potential for outdoor patio seating, but will not accommodate indoor seating.

We report, you decide: Sprinkled or glazed? 

Councilmember Matt Lehman addressed division within the Shakopee Police Department at the council meeting June 18, right before the meeting adjourned.

“I said I’d bring this up,” he said, sighing. “There was a video put out by the police department showing some division. The issue is: sprinkled or glazed on the donuts?”

Lehman was referring to the June 7 National Donut Day debate video posted on Facebook by the Shakopee Police Department. In the video, Shakopee police officers argued about whether sprinkled or glazed donuts were better, and asked Facebook followers to vote. 

“Because, you know, we could pass some kind of resolution saying that all the donuts have to have the sprinkles added to the glazing before the glazing dries,” Lehman said.

The joke brought a bit of oxygen into the room after a discussion about Shakopee Public Utilities raised frustration levels.

“So? Are you sprinkles or glazed?” Lehman asked.

“I’m not jumping into that decision,” Finance Director Darin Nelson responded, laughing.

“Ah, anyways. That was a hilarious video,” Lehman said.

“Now I’m going to have to see it,” Mayor Bill Mars said before wrapping up the meeting.

Lehman’s motion to pass sprinkled-only donuts was rejected by the council. It is still unknown whether Mars prefers sprinkles or glazed.

Prison warden shakeup underway

Shakopee's women's prison is getting a new warden.

Leadership at seven of the 10 state prisons will be rotated this month, according to the Star Tribune

Commissioner Paul Schnell told the paper the transfer of five wardens and promotion of two associate wardens was an opportunity for “fresh perspectives” at the prisons.

As part of the shakeup, Shakopee Warden Tracy Beltz is transferring to Faribault, where Warden Kathy Halvorson replaces Beltz, according to the Strib. Shakopee Associate Warden Guy Bosch was promoted to head up the Stillwater prison.

Compiled by reporters Jack Hammett, Christine Schuster, Deena Winter and Maddie DeBilzan.

South regional editor

Deena is the regional editor for Shakopee, Jordan, Prior Lake and Savage and is passionate about uncovering the truth. Deena also enjoys gardening, playing tennis and up-cycling furniture.


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