Highway 169 interchange render

A render of the preliminary Highway 169/282 interchange concept, facing north over Highway 282.

The Scott County Board of Commissioners last week authorized a resolution to apply for a grant that would help fund the $33.4 million Highways 169, 282 and County Road 9 interchange project in Jordan.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Infrastructure for Rebuilding America grant program is highly competitive, doling out $906 million this year. At least 25% of the grant funding is reserved for rural projects.

According to county board documents, INFRA utilizes selection criteria that promote projects with national and regional economic vitality goals while leveraging non-federal funding to increase the total investment by state, local and private partners.

The INFRA grant requires a minimum 40% local match.

Talk of restructuring the highway interchange has been around for 20 years, but the interested parties — Jordan, Scott County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation — failed to reach a consensus until recently.

Preliminary plans for the Jordan project are to create an overpass above Highway 169, with a roundabout on the north side of the highway attached to County Road 9, and southbound 169 access ramps. North of the roundabout, County Road 9 will cross above the railroad tracks.

On the south side, there will be an exit ramp taking drivers from northbound Highway 169 to Highway 282 into Jordan, which will be a divided roadway up to the Creek Lane roundabout. Access to northbound Highway 169 will not be available at the current intersection; rather, drivers will use current Creek Lane access point to enter 169.

If the grant is secured, funding match obligations will be identified in the county’s annual transportation improvement plan update. Funds are anticipated to come from multiple sources including the state, county and city.


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