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Jordan’s Ames Fields will host the MAX Performance Camp on Monday and hopefully football and soccer games this fall.

With the 2019-2020 school year officially done across the state, school districts are starting to turn their attention to the next academic year. 

The Jordan activities department is forging ahead and getting ready for the upcoming 2020 fall season — no matter how that might look.

Activities Director Joe Perkl is guiding his department, coaches, teams and players not knowing what the future holds for high school sports this fall.

For now, Jordan and Perkl are planning for normal. 

"If we aren't planning like we are going to have have a normal fall season, we will put ourselves in a bad spot when Aug. 17th (opening date for fall sports) rolls around," Perkl said. "We will make adjustments as they come, but being that it's only early June, we can't make any assumptions at this time."

Preparing for any season is hard but getting ready for a season that nobody knows if it will happen can be draining, he said. 

"Quite honestly, I think it's the mental aspect," Perkl said. "Some people like to wake up knowing what's for dinner that night. We just don't have answers right now, and that can be hard for people to digest. I will say, our community has been very understanding through the spring."

Some signs of normalcy are returning soon as Monday, June 15 is the first day coaches can have contact with their players.

With that beginning, Jordan will open up its MAX Performance Camp for its student-athletes can workout at school and coaches can run summer camps.

Before the MAX Performance Camp and the individual sports training can begin, each coach must have a summer camp safety protocol document prepared and returned to the school.

"We will obviously be following state, Department of Education, MSHSL and CDC guidelines through out the summer, and make adjustments as they are announced," Perkl said. "Locally, we are requiring all camp coaches to create a protocol document that spells out step-by-step expectations prior to, during, and after camp. We will not allow a camp to run without this information being provided to Community Ed to share out with registered families. This will be a big step forward if the state is able to host summer camps and clinics and successfully keep our athletes from getting sick."

Ben Nylander, Jordan's cross country coach, said his team and athletes are just focusing on what they can control.

"We have a group on both the boys and girls teams are really focusing on running a lot and coming into the season with a high level of fitness as they are excited to compete with some really strong teams in the Wright County East Conference," Nylander said. "We are starting our team runs a bit later in the summer but our athletes have started training individually. We've tried to communicate more as a team to motivate each other despite not being able to run as groups."

While camps and workouts can start on Monday, Perkl is making a few minor adjustments for the upcoming season.

For now, they will not be taking fall registrations until they know if they will have a season or not and the Parent-Athlete-Coaches meeting Perkl holds before each season will held virtually.

With that said, Perkl is committed to the students and teams of Jordan.

"As of now, no schedule adjustments have been made by Jordan or the MSHSL, but I would be willing to bend over backwards to ensure we provide extra curriculars to our students this fall," he said.

Sports editor

Todd Abeln has been the Shakopee and Jordan sports editor for more than 10 years. He enjoys highlight big accomplishments and competitive games. Todd also enjoys golf, softball and watching his kids play baseball, soccer, hockey and basketball.


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