Jordan joins #BeTheLightMN

Jordan’s Ames Field was lit up on Thursday night for 20 minutes and 20 seconds as part of the #BeTheLightMN movement.

Jordan turned on the lights April 9 in a show of support for its high school seniors.

At 8:20 p.m. April 9, Ames Field lit up as part of #BeTheLightMN movement.

The field’s lights stayed on for 20 minutes, 20 seconds to honor the 2020 Minnesota High School seniors.

Jordan joined countless other Minnesota schools and communities that evening in the #BeTheLightMN movement.

The effort started in Texas and moved to other states, including Minnesota.

Minnesota State High School League media specialist John Millea noticed the movement in Texas and posted to Twitter last week wondering if any Minnesota schools were doing this and the movement took off until it culminated in lights being turned on at ballparks and fields all across Minnesota.

Turning on stadium and ballpark lights may be only symbolic in nature, but it’s a positive message that’s surely needed in an otherwise difficult time for everyone, officials have said.

Jordan High School principal Jeff Vizenor posted on Twitter: “Class of 2020. A little shout out for you tonight as we light up Ames Stadium. We miss you! Remember the challenge to fill the food shelves also! Shooting to raise $2,020 for our local backpack program #BeTheLightMN.”

The Jordan Public Schools Twitter account posted: “For you... the #JHSClassof2020 and our school community... we shine the lights! And with just a little extra volume on the stadium speakers... the sounds of ‘Humble and Kind’ and ‘Lean on Me!’ #LoveMaroonLiveGold #BeTheLightMN.” ⁩

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