It was there for 30 years — until it wasn’t.

The “Welcome to Jordan” sign, painted on a brick building at the corner of Broadway and First streets, has been stripped away. The sign was painted in 1989 as part of a project spearheaded by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, which is now largely defunct.

But some would say the sign was gone long ago.

The severely deteriorated sign was the subject of several complaints received by City Hall, according to City Administrator Tom Nikunen. Several Jordan City Council members weren’t too shy about criticizing the condition of the sign at their meetings this summer either.

Still, the sign had its proponents. Some admired the authenticity and charm of the faded lettering, others were fond of the message and wanted it revitalized with a fresh coat of paint.

This summer, City Planner and Economic Development Specialist Nathan Fuerst reached out the building owner, Barbara Johnston, for a proposal to either remove or repaint the sign. Fuerst said Johnston was not agreeable to repainting the sign and wanted it removed.

Johnston, who purchased the building in the mid-1990s, proposed the city foot the bill for a chemical removal of the paint. The Economic Development Authority tabled that offer in favor of exploring repainting options. In the end, both parties couldn’t come to an agreement and Johnston had the sign removed privately.

City officials said the sign’s condition was out of compliance with ordinances and that Johnston had until Oct. 19 to remove or repair the sign. Johnston plans to have the remaining strip of paint removed before that date. The lettering was previously removed with a two-inch blade.

Johnston said her primary goal was to have the sign removed with a environmentally-friendly process that preserves the historic brick, which was produced in Chaska.


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