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A tornado damaged a farmstead near Belle Plaine Monday night, but no injuries were reported.

A farm in the area of 8351 Union Hill Boulevard sustained structural damage, with law enforcement initially reporting "multiple buildings down," downed power lines and damage to a farm but "everyone (was) accounted for, no injuries" as of about 7:30 p.m. 

A tornado is believed to have tore apart a metal structure along Union Hill Boulevard — or at least the roof — but it appeared only outbuildings were damaged, not the farmhouse. Sheets of metal were littered across hundreds of yards of farmland, some pieces wrapped around a tree, between the remaining structures and the road. Some debris was tossed across the road onto a neighboring property. The neighbor said his barn was not damaged.

A pair of witnesses said the touchdown was brief but visible all the way from Merriam. They said the tornado dissipated as it crossed Union Hill Boulevard. 

A storm chaser said a tornado touched down in a field and broke up while crossing the road. 

Conner Wheelock said as he was merging onto northbound Highway 169 in heavy rain amid sirens when he saw a tornado forming southeast of the on-ramp. 

"We saw it and it looked like it was coming down quick," he said.

Emmy Rowan Deoraj lives off Hickory Boulevard, a cross section of Union Hill Boulevard, and had been watching the storm from her windows when her phone alerted her to a tornado warning, and then sirens. She went downstairs, looked out her patio door, and saw clouds hovering over her house and past the tree line she could see clouds "just lifting" about three miles away.

"There was one section that looked to be pointed and at the time I thought it could still possibly be forming. Come to find out that it was the formation breaking up that I witnessed."

Cracked tree in Savage

High winds the evening of Monday, July 15 caused part of a tree to splinter outside the Southwest News Media offices on Eagle Creek Parkway in Savage.

Emergency workers were watching the clouds and reporting varying amounts of rotation even as they searched the area for damage Monday night. One responder on Union Hill Boulevard still reported severe cloud rotation to the southwest around 7:35 p.m., after a twister had apparently struck the area.

Workers also reported flooding, an arcing power line and a buckled road. Shakopee city officials said Highway 101 East between Valley Park Drive and 70th Street South was closed due to power lines across the road.

Downed tree in Shakopee

A reader sent in this photo of a downed tree in Shakopee. “We just got home to our Southbridge home tonight after taking a detour due to downed trees in the area. Must have been windy!” they wrote.

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Reporters Deena Winter, Christine Schuster and Michael Strasburg contributed to this report.


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