MINNETONKA — Boom Island Brewing Company is getting ready to open its doors in Minnetonka.

The brewery plans to open at noon on Friday, Aug. 16, for a soft opening after moving from Minneapolis to 5959 Baker Road in Minnetonka. A grand opening is planned for Aug. 23.

Boom Island part-owner Dan Syverson said they’re still putting the “finishing touches” on construction of the new space, which is full of mash tuns, brew kettles, fermenters, and kegs and barrels all ready to brew beer as soon as the state and the federal government gives them the OK. Syverson says they already have their liquor license and have cleared around half of the other required inspections.

Brewery owner and head brewer Kevin Welch is itching to try out the new space and equipment. After taking a hiatus from brewing while moving to Minnetonka, he’ll be able to brew as soon as the last inspection approval goes through, which should be Aug. 12.

One of the advantages of moving to the newly renovated Minnetonka space is it is much larger — three times the size to be exact.

This gave Welch room to add new equipment and make new styles of beer — two of which will be sours and pilsners. The wine and whiskey barrels that line the new taproom will hold fermenting sour beer flavored with fruit — most frequently cherry or raspberry. Making sour beer this way is in the lambic tradition — although lambic beer can only be from the lambic region of Belgium, according to Welch.

Before closing down the Minneapolis location on July 20, Welch doubled up on his brewing so his customers could still get their beer while they transitioned to the new space — bottles and growlers of Boom Island can still be found in liquor stores across the state. He also created a few new beers that are sitting in kegs ready to be debuted in the first few weeks of the grand opening.

Syverson and Welch are excited for the opening, to see their old customers return and meet the neighborhood. Syverson said folks have been peeking in windows for the last several weeks wondering when the taproom will be ready to open.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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