Morey's Seafood International

Morey’s Seafood International

PLYMOUTH — Morey’s Seafood International is bringing its regional distribution business and corporate office to Plymouth.

The news release announcing the change said the company deals in processing and distribution of fresh and frozen seafood products, as well as value-added products. Morey’s processing and distribution operation is in Golden Valley. The company debuted its operation in 1988.

“As a leader in food safety, we have designed and built the largest, most modern seafood production facility in the Midwest,” said Vice President of Operations Mike McFee. “This will allow us to expand our current offerings and do so in an extremely food-safe environment.”

Morey’s processing and distribution center is labeled best-in-class and is more than 65,000 square feet. The release says it has added processing and storage capabilities, along with office and conference space.

“Given our tremendous growth over the last several years, we were in need of a larger facility,” said Vice President of Sales Scott Wickert. “Moving into the Plymouth facility will allow us to exponentially expand our current offerings while also increasing our broad line of custom processed and packaged seafood products.”

The flagship manufacturing division is in Motley, Minnesota.


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