This 8-pound gray tabby gal is very friendly and cuddly with trusted people. Chloe meets you at the door ankle rubs, follows you around, is OK being picked up and will knead you while happily purring. Chloe sleeps part of the night with you, plays with cat toys and plays with her water dish. She has met mellow, gentle dogs and a cat. With planned introductions, she should be fine. Due to past unkind treatment Chloe got with kids under age 10, she is best in a home with older kids. She likes quiet and will hide when there is active or noisy kids, dogs, rock music or startling noises.

To learn more, contact Heidi at New Leash Rescue at 612-860-4857 or email Pets have been vet checked, spayed/neutered, wormed, tested for FIV/FeLV, have distemper and rabies shots. Adoption fee is $150 plus tax for adults.