Where the heck is it? LWN 0430

Do you know where the heck this is? Each week we publish a detail of a local landmark, and the next week we identify it. But because this is the final issue of the Lakeshore Weekly News, we won't be able to publish the answer and the names of those who guessed it correctly in next week's paper.

Instead, you can find the answer to this week's where the heck is it below. Congratulations to all who guessed it correctly before looking at the answer. 

Answer: This tiny door is on the base of a tree on the north side of the Luce Line State Trail just east of Queensland Lane North/Broadway Avenue North, near the border of Plymouth and Wayzata. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted guesses to where the heck is it over the years. It was a fun way to connect with our readers. Every week, I looked forward to finding a different landmark in hopes of stumping you all — it rarely worked.

— Melissa Turtinen

Melissa Turtinen is the community editor for Lakeshore Weekly News and Eden Prairie News. She's passionate about adding context to stories and informing people about what's going on in their community. She enjoys being outside, traveling and good beer.


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