PLYMOUTH — Voters on Nov. 5 elected a new member to the Wayzata School Board and re-elected three others.

Seanne Falconer and incumbents Linda Cohen, Bonita Lucky and Cheryl Polzin will begin their terms on the School Board at the Jan. 13, 2020, organizational meeting, a Nov. 5 news release from Wayzata Public Schools said.

“Frankly, I'm really thrilled. One of my friends called and said, 'Get on the website, the results are in,'" Cohen, who will serve another term on the board, told Lakeshore Weekly News on election night.

Lucky, who kept her seat on the board, watched the election results come in on the Secretary of State's website with her husband Curtis. She said her first priorities will be to act on nutrition and the achievement gap.

 “I tell you, I am super elated to be able to serve the community in this capacity," Lucky said. 

Falconer, who will be serving her first term on the School Board, told the paper before the election that she ran because while she has a great experience with Wayzata Schools, not everyone has, noting the community is changing and new families need an advocate.

The unofficial results for the School Board race, according to the Secretary of State's website: 

  • Linda A. Cohen (incumbent): 1,425 votes; 16.19% of the vote
  • Emily Fair: 917 votes; 10.42% of the vote
  • Seanne Falconer: 1,075 votes; 12.21% of the vote
  • Vishala Kamojjala: 990 votes; 11.24% of the vote
  • Bonita Lucky (incumbent): 1,133 votes; 12.87% of the vote
  • Bindu Moram: 855 votes; 9.71% of the vote
  • Cheryl Polzin (incumbent): 1,441 votes; 16.37% of the vote
  • Sheila Prior: 922 votes; 10.47% of the vote
  • Write-in: 46 votes; 0.52% of the vote

Results are from the Minnesota Secretary of State and are unofficial until canvassed.

Reporter Eden Teller contributed to this report.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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