Residents in the Hopkins Public School District are preparing to elect a new school board.

Seven people will be on the ballot on Nov. 5 for four seats available on the Hopkins School Board. The Hopkins School Board is comprised of seven members elected at-large by district residents and is the governing authority of Hopkins Public Schools. The responsibilities of the board are primarily focused on three areas: budget adoption, revenue management and expenditure authorization; superintendent selection, contract and evaluation; establishing district policy.

Click on a candidate's name to read their full Q&A:

Steve Adams



I want to continue my work of the last eight years in taking the district from great to world-class.

Shannon Andreson - Hopkins School Board Candidate

Shannon Andreson

I am running for school board because I believe that schools are for all of us! I have decades of nonprofit and community experience in shifting narratives and developing programs to engage and help families thrive in their homes, schools and communities...

Dave Larson - Hopkins School Board Candidate

Dave Larson

My name is Dave Larson and I am seeking re-election to the Hopkins School Board. I care about Hopkins Schools and public education and intend to continue the Hopkins tradition of excellence, excellence for every school, every student – every day...

Ben Karls - Hopkins School Board Candidate

Ben Karls

As a white parent of two children of color, having a district that is forward-thinking, focused on equity and concerned about the future and not staying rooted in past practices that benefit a select few is important to me. The education I have received at various institutions has been fantastic, but it was made for me, a white male...

Tanya Khan - Hopkins School Board Candidate

Tanya Khan

My desire to run for Hopkins school board stems from my genuine love for Hopkins public schools. Because of my experience as a substitute teacher, I know that Hopkins students are bright, inquisitive, and ready to learn...

Kris Newcomer - Hopkins School Board Candidate

Kris Newcomer

Free public education is a hallmark of democratic countries, our schools are where communities come together to educate all children, provide guidance on career and college readiness and develop life long learners...

Katie O'Shea Pederson - Hopkins School Board Candidate

Katie O’Shea Pederson

I believe that Hopkins Schools is on the precipice of great change with Vision 2031 providing the direction. I have been inspired by Dr. Mhiripiri-Reed’s visionary leadership and audacious goal setting and believe that I can help be a positive and impactful part of this evolution...

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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