MINNETONKA — Voters in the Minnetonka Public School District elected one new member and re-elected three members to the School Board on Tuesday, Nov. 5, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State's website. 

Christine Ritchie will be a new face on the board, while incumbents Mark Ambrosen, Katie Becker and Lisa Wagner will return to the board in January.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity," Ritchie told Lakeshore Weekly News on election night. "Obviously, this was a pretty contentious election, obvious the schools aren’t working for some people and I want to hear from those people.” 

Her first priorities are enrollment for next year and “Right away I want to start looking at the future budget challenges,” she said, adding she heard the many voices during the campaign who said they felt Minnetonka had transparency issues and she wants to figure out what information people feel they aren’t getting and how it get it to them.

The unofficial results for the School Board race, according to the Secretary of State's website: 

  • Mark E. Ambrosen (incumbent): 2,791 votes; 12.62% of the vote
  • Don Amorosi: 1,164 votes; 5.26% of the vote
  • Katie Becker (incumbent): 3,031 votes; 13.71% of the vote
  • Sarah Clymer: 1,885 votes; 8.53% of the vote
  • Kathryn Gimse: 861 votes; 3.89% of the vote
  • Julie Light: 1,929 votes; 8.72% of the vote
  • Christine Ritchie: 2,595 votes; 11.74% of the vote
  • Meghan Selinger: 1,012 votes; 4.58% of the vote
  • Trevor Thurling: 1,885 votes; 8.53% of the vote
  • Lisa Wagner (incumbent):3,088 votes; 13.97% of the vote
  • Josh Wilcox: 1,832 votes; 8.29% of the vote
  • Write-in: 38 votes; 0.17% of the vote

Results are from the Minnesota Secretary of State and are unofficial until canvassed.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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