Minnetonka City Council forum 1

Brian Kirk responds to a question as the other candidates listen during a Minnetonka City Council candidate forum on Oct. 1. 

Residents in Minnetonka are preparing to elect new members to the Minnetonka City Council.

Residents will vote for one candidate in their ward and one candidate for the at-large seat up for election (seat b). 

Click on a candidate's name to read their full Q&A:

Brian Kirk - Minnetonka City Council Candidate

Brian Kirk

I love Minnetonka! I believe we need strong city leaders who actively believe development is possible, who are committed to find balance, and are prepared to guide and direct new opportunities that will change Minnetonka for the better...

Rebecca Schack - Minnetonka City Council Candidate

Rebecca Schack

Throughout my life I have been a natural leader and joiner. As a grade schooler, I remember campaigning with my mom for a local Council race on behalf of a candidate who was running with hopes that she could help keep parks within the city (the city had several parks slated for closure). I was fascinated by local government and the direct impact one individual could have on the community...

Mike Happe - Minnetonka City Council Candidate

Mike Happe

I care about Minnetonka and I am running for office in the spirit of community service. I want to help ensure we continue to provide great service, safe neighborhoods, and protect our natural resources for current and future generations to come...

Brad Schaeppi - Minnetonka City Council candidate

Brad Schaeppi

I have a vision for a Better Minnetonka where more decisions are made bottom up with meaningful citizen input not top down from inside city hall. More citizen advisory boards will result in a more transparent, welcoming, collaborative, successful, and responsive city...

Kissy Coakley - Minnetonka City Council candidate

Kissy Coakley

I’m running for City Council because I love this place and my family is fortunate to call Minnetonka home! I want to ensure that everyone who lives here can have the same opportunities that my family has been given...

Paul J Lehman - Minnetonka City Council Candidate

Paul Lehman

My 16 years of serving on the City’s Boards & Commissions gave me great insight into what needs to be done to achieve all the great things the City has to offer. Because of my strong community ties, the commitment I feel towards the City, and the skills I have to offer, I believe I can be a great asset for the community...

Susan Carter - Minnetonka City Council Candidate

Susan Carter

I have lived in Minnetonka for 9 years. I live in Ward 3 with my husband, Matt and two kids, Justin (senior at MHS) and Hilary (8th grade at MME) and our dog, Nash. During my time in Minnetonka, my family and I have been embraced by community...

Ward 2 candidate Jonathan Kerslake did not respond to the Q&A.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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