The Minnesota DNR is considering changing its regulations around sunfish.

WAYZATA — The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is considering the comments of anglers across the state of Minnesota regarding the size of sunfish, according to a news release.

Some groups have been asking the DNR to consider modifying the 20-fish bag limit for sunfish and adding length restrictions because large sunfish are scarce in many Minnesota lakes.

The DNR is now looking at which lakes would benefit from reducing the sunfish bag limit, the release says.

“Sunfish grow slowly, about an inch per year. We could grow two trophy bucks in the time it takes to grow a trophy bluegill, but for decades we didn’t think twice about keeping big sunfish,” Grand Rapids area fisheries supervisor Dave Weitzel said in the news release. “Now we’re working locally to identify lakes capable of producing higher quality sunfish.”

This summer fisheries managers will be meeting with local angling groups to gauge support for reducing sunfish bag limit on some lakes through the DNR’s process of proposing special regulations. Angler input is important, the release says, without it, regulations are likely not to be implemented.

Anglers can voluntarily help protect big sunfish by releasing or limiting their harvest of large sunfish. Large sunfish are considered around eight inches or bigger.


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