Luce Line Trail

The Luce Line State Trail trailhead starts in Plymouth and heads west through Carver and McLeod counties, to Hutchinson and beyond.

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PLYMOUTH — The Luce Line State Trail is closed to horses through the beginning of May.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said in an email news release on March 15 that the trail from Vicksburg Lane in Plymouth to the city of Winsted is closed to horses from March 18 through May 15.

“The closure is intended to prevent damage to the trail from wet conditions and frost coming out of the ground,” the release said.

The DNR says it will post signs on the horse trail to notify riders of the closure, and conservation officers and local police will monitor to make sure riders are obeying the rule.

The main track of the Luce Line is open for permitted uses, which does not include horseback riding.

The Luce Line State Trail is 63 miles long. It was a former railroad grade that has been developed to provide a place to bike, hike, horseback ride, ski and snowmobile. A limestone surfacted trail connects Plymouth to Winsted, which is about 30 miles, and has a parallel treadway for horseback riding, the DNR says.

The Luce Line’s website is:

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