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The Minnehaha in its barn in Excelsior where volunteers repair the boat over the winter.

EXCELSIOR — The steamboat Minnehaha is still in search of a solution to its launch site predicament. Members of the Museum of Lake Minnetonka board, which owns the Minnehaha, plan to address the Excelsior City Council at its meeting on March 2.

The board was meant to speak at the Jan. 21 meeting but asked to reschedule, Excelsior Mayor Todd Carlson explained.

“They would like to do some additional outreach, along with some additional research so when they do come they are able to educate the Council and the residents in terms of what the specific ask is going to be,” Carlson said during the meeting.

Carlson said he’s been meeting with the board and other residents involved in the search.

He said the Council will have to ask themselves two main questions in regards to the Minnehaha’s launch site issues: Do we want the Minnehaha in Excelsior? And what are we willing to offer?

The City Council agreed to hear from the board members on March 2 so all council members could be present, particularly since one of the proposed solutions to the launch site problem has been to look at The Commons, which Council member Jennifer Caron said can be a touchy subject for Excelsior residents.

The large touring steamboat is no longer able to launch from the launch site it has being using in Shorewood. The board of the Museum of Lake Minnetonka has been searching for a new launch site in hopes of being able to launch onto Lake Minnetonka this summer.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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