EXCELSIOR — Hollywood took over Excelsior last week to film a movie that’s reportedly set in the Hamptons.

The movie, according to reports, is called “Lapham Rising.” It is about a writer named Harry March who starts to unravel when someone builds a mansion across from his home in the Hamptons, according to the IMDb page for “Lapham Rising.” The man lives a quiet life with his talking dog, an evangelical and capitalist.

For the retired writer, the multimillionaire building the home represents corruption in modern civilization, the IMDb page notes.

March is played by Frank Langella, known for his roles in movies such as “Frost/Nixon,” “Robot & Frank” and “Masters of the Universe.”

Langella was seen shooting several scenes with a small white terrier dog on Water Street on Thursday, May 16.

The movie has asked for some local help, soliciting those with boats and dark-colored vehicles to be in shots of the movie, according to a posts on the Lake Minnetonka Fan Club Facebook page.


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