Ice Castles melting

Ice from the Excelsior Ice Castles has yet to melt. the attraction ran from Jan. 12 to March 9 and brought in more than $122,000 in revenue to the city.

EXCELSIOR — The direction of Excelsior Ice Castles revenue was discussed during an April 1 Excelsior City Council workshop.

The Ice Castles ran from Jan. 12 to March 9 and brought the city $122,904 through combined revenues from a special event permit, water consumption and parking meters.

A memo from staff to the council layed out Ice Castles revenue and recommendations to the council. The council asked staff to put together a resolution with its recommendations for its April 15 meeting.

In the resolution, a little over $32,000 is expected to be written out for The Commons master park plan improvements; $21,750 may go to the park improvement fund; $28,750 to water fund revenue; $34,250 to water fund recovery; and, $6,000 to the parking meters general fund.

Finance Officer Kelly Horn presented details from Ice Castles revenue, ranging from parking meters to water consumption.

Visitors and residents reportedly plugged $72,404.45 into parking meters from Jan. 12 to March 9. Comparatively, the same time period in 2018 brought in $6,675.

The city’s contract with Ice Castles listed a special event base fee of $21,750. There was an added attendance fee of $250 for every 10,000 visitors over 50,000. The city says it will receive attendance numbers April 15.

Some funds will have to be replenished. Ice Castles guzzled 13,700,000 gallons of water during its run. The event contract charged $2.20 per 1,000 gallons of water and, as of March 12, the water consumption revenue tallied in at $28,750.

Along with water, the castles required $4,000 in softener salt, chlorine and other chemicals. Public Works also estimated its staff worked 80 hours directly with the Ice Castles.

Council members began talks during the workshop on how to best acquire feedback from residents and business owners about Excelsior Ice Castles.


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