Augusburg Honor Orchestra students from Hopkins

Twelve Hopkins Orchestra students participated in Augsburg University’s Honors Orchestra on April 6.

HOPKINS — Twelve Hopkins Orchestra students performed in the Augsburg University Honor Orchestra on April 6.

The musicians performed a concert conducted by Augsburg orchestra conductor Dr. Rafael Rodriguez, according to a news release from Hopkins Public Schools. They played Central and South American music, a specialty for Rodriquez, who has worked with Hopkins High School students previously including with Costa Rican and Bolivian students and teachers.

“To create a world class music program, I’m always looking for opportunities for my students to have meaningful orchestra experiences beyond the classroom,” Hopkins orchestra teacher Allison Swiggum said in the news release. “It was a joy to watch the students excel and represent Hopkins at this honor orchestra performance.”

The students who participated in the Augsburg Honor Orchestra were: senior Moe Antar, junior Jenna Ashford, senior Emily Beard, sophomore Lin Boemer, sophomore Eli Brace, sophomore Ethan Gramowski, junior Meredith Johnson, junior Sophie Norman, senior Molly Robblee, freshman Claudia Russell, sophomore Natalie Scanlon and sophomore Cheyenne Wideman.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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