Memorial to Keyaris

Though there aren’t as many items outside the Plymouth home where 7-year-old Keyaris Samuels lived as there had been the week after his death, memorials remain on Thursday, May 31.

PLYMOUTH — Keyaris Samuels’ mother was unaware that a handgun had been kept in her home or how the 7-year-old boy obtained it. But Plymouth police have an idea.

That and further details of the case became public in May after Plymouth police filed an affidavit in Hennepin County District Court requesting a search warrant on the home of a 29-year-old Minneapolis man.

Samuels found the gun in a box next to a hoverboard and accidentally shot himself in the head on Wednesday, May 16, at the CommonBond Communities dwelling on Shenandoah Lane in Plymouth, according to police. Police found the handgun next to the bleeding child when they arrived. They attempted to save his life but could not.

The child was a first-grade student in Wayzata Public Schools.

Officers, in speaking with the mother, found a friend — the Minneapolis man — had visited the house earlier on May 16 and could have placed the gun in the home, the affidavit says. He has not been charged in this incident and, thus, is not named in this story.

The man had been slated to meet with a parole officer at 1 p.m. May 16 for a 2016 felony drunken driving conviction but did not show up. An arrest warrant was issued. Since May 20, he has been in the Hennepin County jail without bail.

The affidavit reveals that a half-full box of .357 ammunition was found in a nearby diaper bag, the same caliber as the handgun. The gun and ammo were brought in for DNA and fingerprint processing.

The affidavit says multiple people handled the weapon that day. An 11-year-old boy handled it moments before the fatal incident.

In the request, Plymouth police asked Judge Jeannice Reding to let them collect a DNA sample from the man and to search his property. Reding granted the request.

The man has been convicted of drunken driving six times, and his criminal history shows fleeing an officer, careless driving, speeding, lack of auto insurance, giving a false name, marijuana-related violations and multiple incidents of driving without a license.


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