Wayzata Fire BP

Above: The Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners truck was used by the nonprofit six days a week. Right: Firefighters battle fire and smoke.

WAYZATA — An Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners truck caught on fire 2:35 p.m. Thursday, May 17, in the parking lot of the BP Gas Station at 1490 Wayzata Blvd E. in Wayzata.

BP General Manager Rick Koepp said the truck was overheating when the driver pulled in.

There was nothing in the back of the truck, the driver said, and no one was inside the truck when it caught fire.

The fire spread to a nearby tree before it was extinguished.

“I feel real bad for Interfaith,” Koepp said. “There’s nothing left.”

Two Wayzata Fire Department trucks arrived by 3 p.m.

Liz Erstad-Hicks, community engagement director at Interfaith Outreach, said she is grateful no one was hurt. However, with the loss of the truck, Interfaith Outreach is initiating a search for a truck to fill its place.

The burned truck was donated a while ago, she said. It was used 6 days a week to transport food donations, furniture and plants. The only other transport they have available is a small cargo van.

“We will be on the lookout,” she said. “We are grateful no one got hurt and support the local fire department that made sure everyone was safe through the unexpected situation.”

Lara is a regional reporter for Southwest News Media.


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